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Welcome all to {Promote Etsy} - a blog for building a strong community for handmade shops around the world, and a place to discover and win great handmade treasures through giveaways!

{Promote Etsy} is created to promote handmade shops via link building and giveaway promotion. You can participate in the following features:

 Giveaways of Handcrafts
In the homepage you can find the giveaways categorized per the ending months. Simply submit your giveaways to the associated ending month. Also, the low-entry post is fixed at the top of the homepage to help low entry giveaways that have less than 200 entries and are ending in less than 7 days.  Please make sure to visit the Giveaway page before submitting your giveaway.

 Promote Etsy - Facebook
This is for everyone to get updated on newly submitted giveaways, sales, coupons, and specials for handmade shops!

For handmade shop owners who have a fan page, please feel free to post your handmade giveaways, coupons, sales and specials. Selected posts will be announced in the wall.

So make sure you Like {Promote Etsy} in Facebook!

Etsy 101 
This page is created to collect all the useful information for running a handmade shop and to make it be your one stop of transforming you into a successful handmade seller!

Free Add URL
Add your URL absolutely FREE of charge in our Handmade Shop Directory! Your online shop will be listed at {PromoteEtsy}, resulting in a backlink to you!

Etsy Games
Let's play some games to know more about each other and to help promote your shop!

❤ Link Building via Comments in {Promote Etsy}
Last but not least, we want to share a little trick with you for building backlinks. Add your shop name and links in the comments section to help build backlinks! Participate in {Promote Etsy}'s all postes with open comments to build up backlinks to your handmade shop! Follow the following instruction to post a comment:

Select Comment as "Name/URL" to enter your shop name and shop link for posting a comment. 

Best Wishes from {Promote Etsy}, 

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